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It doesn't matter what you did until now. 
It matters what you will do from here on.


The Amazon Bestseller

  • more than 100.000 downloads on Amazon
  • more than 12.000 copies sold 
  • #1 Bestseller in Kindle Stores of the US, UK, Canada and Mexico in Time Management
  • Top 10 in Germany (Time Management) and India (Personal Development)
  • #1 Bestseller in Personal Development & Self-help in the Spanish Kindle store
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                             "30 Days" will build your habits - fast. 

This book will guide you step by step and show you the good habits you need to have a healthy, wealthy, and happy life. No matter what bad habits you are struggling with. This is a recipe for getting started with better habits. This surefire formula shows how a couple of steps done regularly over a period of time can lead to massive success. Now the question is this - are you going to let another day, month or even year fade away or are you ready for a journey that will change your life?                                     



I can help you change your habits

I work with individuals and help them to get clear, focus, take action and reach their goals really fast so that they can enjoy far more success, meaning and happiness in their lives, careers and business.

I want lasting change for you. That's why I recommend a minimum commitment of three months

 (8-12 sessions) to make your new healthy habits stick.


What people say about me:

"Hi Marc, I make you responsible for pretty much everything great in my life right  now." - anonymous

"When I first started with Marc, I was in a very low point in my life. Though I had been financially successful and had every reason to be happy, I simply was not for some reason. I felt like I was standing in quicksand, unable to pull myself out of the mire.  I'd become so focused on negative things that I was dragging myself down. Marc gave me the tools to help me recognize why I was stuck and what I could do about  it...