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The Change your habits, Change your life series

Book 1

30 DAYS - Change your habits, change your life

More than 300.000 readers 

Book 2

The Productivity Revolution

Double your Productivity

Book 3



The best Happiness Habits. 

Book 4

Love Yourself


Boost your self-esteem.

Book 5

How to become

a People Magnet

Improve your personal and professional relationships

Book 6

The Life-Changing Power of Gratitude

7 Exercises that will change your life

Book 7



From Suffering to Happiness in 30 days

Book 8

Words of Wisdom

The best inspirational quotes from great thinkers

Book 9

Why ME? Why Here? Why NOW?

Stop being lost, find your purpose, live the life of your dreams.

Book 10

The Happy Minimalist

Become happier and more focused with less stuff

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