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I was born in Esslingen Germany in 1973. I grew up with one goal and one goal only: to become a professional football player.


After holding on a bit too long to this dream I finally began studying a bit more seriously. So after studying a career I didn’t really like (International Business and languages), I worked in a job I hated for most of the time during eleven years.


I was fired from that job at the end of September 2013. With savings for two years and over 200 hours of coaching training, I decided to open a coaching business… and to write a book.


Fast forward 10 years and one book turned into more than 50 books on Amazon in various languages – including workbooks and gratitude journals plus 16 audiobooks.

I’m now making a full-time living as a writer which probably would come most surprising to my 11th-grade German teacher Herr Sch. who advised me strongly to major in Biology and not in German.

After living in Germany, the US, Mexico, Spain and Malta I now settled down in Siófok at the shore of the "Hungarian Sea", Lake Balaton, where I take long walks along the lake with my better half.

When I'm not walking around, doing Amazon Ads or writing I just like to relax, play video games or travel the world with my partner in crime Natalia.

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